April 26, 2011

Bistrant: Restaurant, bistro and banquet hall

Many atmospheres and dishes offered at diverse dining establishment

Driving his motorcycle down Route 6 on a joyride, Dan Maffucci realized there was no restaurant there that served what he was craving – affordable, top-quality traditional American dishes.

Instead of settling for the road's usual fare, the Culinary Institute of America graduate decided to change the landscape and open his own establishment, the Route Six Bistrant, with his parents Pat and Dan Sr. as owners.

"I was working so many 80-hour weeks in other people's restaurants," Maffucci said, "and I realized that I could be spending that time with my family, working for myself."

Specializing in what Maffucci calls "artisan comfort food," the Route Six Bistrant serves a variety of steaks, seafood, sandwiches and pasta dishes, each of which is a traditional food with a twist at an affordable price. They even have a specialty burger board, with 10 different types of burgers, including the Tombstone, a double-patty burger on Texas toast with two types of cheddar, and the Arthur Avenue Burger, which comes with house-made mozzarella, sharp provolone, arugula and a hint of marinara sauce. Ranging in price from $10 to $14, the burgers are affordable, and on Mondays, the restaurant has a special on them: buy-one-get-one-free.

All their food is made fresh in the restaurant with skill and care.

"We love to play with our daily specials," Maffucci said. "And we want to change our base menu monthly. Nothing here is pre-made, including the mozzarella, which we make from scratch every day." All the meat is cut in-house, and the seafood is the freshest available. Some dishes come with a bit of retro flare, including chicken fried steak, triple grilled cheese sandwiches, and milkshakes, while others, like the steak frites, crab cakes, and short ribs with local vegetables, are more sophisticated. These constantly-changing dishes allowed Maffucci to practice the creativity and quality he learned at the CIA, and in which he was praised for by the New York Times, when he was given a three-star rating by the paper.

Though all meals are served in all parts of the establishment, the Route Six Bistrant gets its name from the two sections within the front of the restaurant. Adjacent to the full bar, a slightly more casual and open section makes up the "bistro" area. The "restaurant" area has a more intimate feel, complete with a working fireplace. This combination makes the restaurant perfect for almost any occasion, from an evening date to a lunch out with the family. Offering both atmospheres, like offering a variety of different dishes, helps add to the value of an evening at the establishment, allowing customers to have their pick.

For bigger celebrations, the Route Six Bistrant also features a banquet hall, secluded in the back of the building. The room can seat up to 100 guests, and has a separate entrance for private parties. Complete with its own bar and bathrooms, as well as a fireplace and dance floor, the party room is a perfect spot for Baptismal parties, sweet 16s, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs and corporate events. Catering prices are among the best in the area, and contribute to the establishment's mission to provide customers with excellent food at a great value.

It's these events that give co-owner Pat Maffucci the most joy of opening her own restaurant. A retired schoolteacher, she said, "I'm a social person and couldn't just sit on my porch once I retired. This lets me be with the community and see new people. Dan is the creative head and I work with people to make sure they get everything they want. We love helping them to celebrate their special moments."


M-Th 4-7pm: Happy Hour with ˝ price drinks & free snacks

Sundays: One Free Sundae per table

Mondays: BOGO Burgers

Tuesdays: Kids (under 10) Eat Free Off Kid's Menu

Thursdays: $21 Prime Rib Meal Night

Fridays: Happy Hour Day with ˝ drinks from 12-7pm

If You Go:

Route Six Bistrant – 728 Rt. 6, Mahopac, NY



Monday-Thursday 11:30am – midnight

Friday-Saturday 11:30am – 1am

Sunday 10:30am-10pm


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