May 17, 2011

Susan Nunziata: Greater Mahopac Carmel Chamber 'banks' on new vice chairwoman

Photo Tabitha Pearson Marshall.
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Susan Nunziata has always loved social interaction and learning more about her community, so it seemed natural to her that after moving to Mahopac in 1997, she would become more involved in the town.

Joining the Greater Mahopac-Carmel Chamber of Commerce in 2002, she started to slowly join committees, helping to plan their annual street fair and organizing their scholarship program for area high schoolers, which raises between $10,000 and $15,000 every year to help students go to college.

In 2006, Nunziata was elected to secretary, and on May 1, she became the chamber's first official Vice-Chairwoman. In this position, she will work with Chairman Bill Zacotinsky to keep the Chamber running as one of the largest in the area.

She said she hopes to bring her role with the chamber to a more local level, and "meet the business owners and find out what they see in their future."

Nunziata is in a particularly strong position to do this, given that she has worked as a Senior Customer Service Representative at the Mahopac National Bank since 2007.

"I work at the main branch right in town, which makes it easy to keep in touch with businesses," Nunziata said. "Many of our members do their banking here, and so I see them whenever they come in."

Her husband, John, and two grown children are all for her new role as Vice-Chairwoman.

"They've been very supportive of me," Nunziata said. "After being home and raising them for all those years, they've been glad to see me work on my own projects and career. They've been incredibly supportive."

For residents who want to become more involved, Nunziata suggests attending the Chamber's annual events. These include the Street Fair, which is run in conjunction with the Columbus Day Parade and features 140 vendors, tree-lighting ceremony at the Chamber of Commerce Park during the holidays, and the Business Expo, where locals can meet business owners and hear more about their work.

For business owners looking to be more successful, she of course recommends joining the Chamber of Commerce.

"Successful businesses support other local businesses," she said. "They get out there and meet new people."

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