About Us:

Mahopac News…The Advantages
• The only local newspaper devoted to all things Mahopac. Readers care about their town, their schools, their issues.
• Delivered weekly by the U.S. Postal Service to nearly 10,000 Mahopac mailboxes…that’s every home and every business. The paper is free, but our circulation doesn’t depend on readers ‘stumbling’ onto it at a supermarket or outside a diner.
• Plus…our paper is also delivered to more than another 2,600 mailboxes in all of Mahopac Falls and Baldwin Place as well as parts of Carmel and Putnam Valley. These are all areas that reside within the Mahopac School District. That’s a total circulation of over 12,600!
• Compelling local stories, sports, student highlights and details unavailable anywhere else.
• Excellent design and color on every page.
• No additional charge for color.

Mahopac News…The History
• Brett Freeman, an award-winning journalist, is named editor of North Jersey Media Group’s Town Journal, one of the most successful groups of community newspapers in the country…
• Under his guidance, Town Journal goes on to distinguish itself by winning awards from the New Jersey Press Association and the New Jersey Society of Professional Journalists.
• A resident of Putnam County, Brett discovers a void in truly local town coverage in his own area.
• The concept for Mahopac News is formed!

About the Publisher:
Publisher and Editor Brett Freeman lives locally with his wife and baby daughter. After graduating from American University and earning his master’s degree in the social sciences from the University of Chicago, Brett began a career in journalism at North Jersey Media Group (NJMG), where as a reporter, he won a journalism award from the New Jersey Press Association (NJPA). After being promoted to editor, Brett ran one of the company’s community newspapers, earning awards along the way from NJPA and the New Jersey Society of Professional Journalists. At NJMG, he recognized that a truly local weekly newspaper with serious and professional editorial content is valued by the community and provides a powerful marketing tool for advertisers. Brett launched Mahopac News after identifying a void of truly local news in a vibrant community.

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