Lost in Suburbia

How much wood can a woodchuck chuck on camera?

Last year I had a real problem with Groundhog Day. The issue was, there were just too many darn celebrity groundhogs with differing predictions for the end of winter and I didn’t know who to believe....more»

Excuses for eating your kid’s candy

Top ten things to tell your kids when they discover you ate all their candy: 10. That was Halloween candy....more»

Portmanteau and a phablet

"Honey, you’re due for a phone upgrade," my husband told me enthusiastically. "Well you’re due for a wife upgrade," I said....more»

Bazzo Says

You know you’re uninformed if...

Comedian Jeff Foxworthy had a routine, "you know you’re a redneck if...." I am going to do a parody, "you know you’re uninformed if....more»

It is truly a most wonderful time of year

It is that time of year, when hopes and dreams become actions as people listen to their better angels....more»

In the Land Of Fools, Albany Reigns Supreme

The state of our Governor Governor Andrew Cuomo is a fraud. When he took office he said that New York being the highest taxing state is no way to attract business....more»

Bloomer's 'Blog'

No lame duck on Obama’s menu

The common wisdom is that a re-elected President Barack Obama has, at most, 12 to 18 months to enact as much of his agenda as he possibly can, and that even that will be a heavy load given a House of ...more»

A return to the reservation

Last week, this liberal "strayed off the reservation" by agreeing with the National Rifle Association’s position that, after Newtown, trained and background-checked armed guards have a place in ...more»

Of God, flag and apple pie

I have more than a passing interest in Santa Monica, California, since one of my daughters and two of my young grandchildren live there....more»

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They reported; we decided they were right

We’d like to praise The Putnam County Courier for its big and bold journalism (we promise no tongue in cheek) on its front-page news article a couple of weeks ago bringing attention to Putnam County ...more»

Mahopac News co-owner among heart walk honorees

Reaffirming the caring generosity that makes Mahopac so special, residents in large numbers are expected to take part in the American Heart Association’s 2011 Start! Heart Walk event this Sunday, ...more»

Can bullying be stopped?

To declare a war on bullying is kind of like declaring a war on drugs; it’s probably unwinnable. Yet, the Mahopac Central School District is putting its best foot forward next Thursday during "The ...more»

Opinion Editorial

Pursuing peace in the Middle East

Mahopac News generally focuses its attention on local matters and leaves reporting and commentary on national and world issues to the broader national and international media....more»

State should fix the flaw in school budget process

By the time readers receive Mahopac News this week, the school budget will have been approved or rejected....more»

You’re terrified of college for the wrong reasons

You’re probably terrified, and for good reason. You’re about to embark upon the Great Crusade that is college, so to speak....more»
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